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Real Expats of the Yucatan

Join our group of American and Canadian expats in our quest for an adventureous retirement in the Yucatan, Mexico. 

Watch our adventures and misadventures in daily life in Chelem and Chuburna, watch our travels throughout the Yucatan, learning our new culture and hear our helpful tips on how to adjust to a new lifestyle in Mexico.

We cover everything from water to trash, electricity to internet and telephone services;  beach conditions year round (or lack of ), immigration and possible legal issues,  medical and dental care, insurance, pets and street animals, safety and crime, and the real cost of living in the Yucatan.  Watch our restaurant tips and best choices for food, drink, music and entertainment, our specialty! We also show housing issues, construction and real estate, including the rental market, and what to do and who to call when a system stops working.  Knowing who to trust is vital here!

Most importantly we show our relationships with our new Mexican friends and each other, how we lean on our amigas to get us through personal issues that arise for every expat, especially our relationships with aging parents, missing our kids and grandchildren back home and our own lifestyle changes in retirement!   We don't always agree, but we usually discuss these issues in a hilarious and brutally honest manner. 

The 6 expat chicas have lived in the area ranging from 3 years to 11 years    We are amazed at the amount of misinformation out there regarding actual life in the Yucatan and generally in Mexico.  We want to share our experiences in an entertaining way to help those who may be considering retirement in Mexico and also to show our friends and family back home what our life here looks like.

We aren't selling you anything, only offering our experience in adjusting to full time life in Mexico.  Things your realtor or property manager may not tell you, there are no disclosure rules in Mexico, it's almost like the wild wild west! 

We also show you the wonderful side of living in the Yucatan: cenotes, haciendas, ruins, visiting with Mayan families, cocina economicas (Mexican family restaurants)enjoying Mexican holidays (there are a lot of them!), street fairs, art and music festivals and learning about our hosts in the most beautiful and loving country in the world.

The Real Expats of the Yucatan will show and tell it to you straight....so that you won't turn your Mexican retirement dream into the 2 year regret and return plan. Avoid the pitfalls in Paradise that we have lived through while learning from our mistakes!   Knowledge is power, and laughter is the best medicine, we hope to give you both, with this "Infotainment" series about Living in the Yucatan.

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